Focus, and Re-Focus

by Love Love Letter

I’ve decided I’m not cut out for writing consistently about our upcoming wedding. Can you tell? While I really do love planning this, I have a sometimes crippling level of self-doubt about some of the choices we make as we move along in the process. It’s not so much that I don’t like what we choose – I love it all as a matter of fact. My doubt stems more from being overloaded with good options. Making so many decisions about this one day starts feeling overwhelming when I realize there are so many choices that could be the right one, they’d all work, they’d just work in different ways.

Also, I realize that I don’t want to ‘review’ anybody or any choices we’re making before we’ve actually seen the results.

So, that said, I’m going to try to focus on only the things that bring me joy, and the things that I know should be filling my time and comprising the days of my life. The things that matter to me deserve the time it takes to reflect on them here, and my interest in finding more like-minded people, who are self-aware and searching to grow and to improve themselves, I think it’s only possible if you make yourself vulnerable and express the fact that you want that. Anonymously. Ha.

Can you tell that I’m a big fan of self-help gobbledy-gook?

Tomorrow, I will tell you about my relationship with ‘stuff,’ and how an entire DAY spent working on our registry, followed by dreams about dishware, propelled me to go ahead and give away all of my cherished CDs.