Like Louise Says

by Love Love Letter

It’s me.

I’ve been in Southern California, where it never rains (thank you Albert Hammond). We’ve been listening to that song on repeat as a result. I completely adore it there. Everyone just seems ‘chill,’ to use a terrible turn of phrase, and carefree. But still productive and creative and driven. I can see every single stereotype of Los Angelinos comes from somewhere, but I still see almost nothing wrong with that beautiful sprawling city. I would live there.

Having time to regroup and an aunt and uncle there to basically flat out spoil me was just what I needed. Taking that sense of calm and comfort forward with me into the Northeast Autumn, I’m compelled to do things for myself, to cultivate that in my daily life and to find ways to be productive despite the road blocks the past few months have presented me with.

I started watching some interviews from self-help gurus like Louise Hay, whose book I read a few years ago and found so inspiring. It’s the cheesiest thing ever, printed all in color with shooting stars and butterflies gracing each and every page. I always giggled to myself when I pulled it out on the subway, imagining what those looking over my shoulder must have thought. Some, I’m sure, were mocking… but I like to imagine that one or two contemplative souls took a piece of the message with them and went home chanting to themselves about their own virtue, wisdom, likability, beauty. The videos are bringing back a touch of that to me, and frankly I need to force the fiance to watch them too, because he’s wallowing in some negative feelings these days. If good old Louise is correct, those thoughts are only bringing more negativity! Happy thoughts bring happy times.

So, with all this in mind, I’m putting it out there, the things I want. No more negativity. Oh, did you know I’m a big nerd?

I have a whole lot I want to accomplish over the next while:

– Sign up for a watercolor class at the 92Y, just a few blocks from our place.
– Finish a wax carving and get it cast. Jewelry, friends!
– Write a novel. (Ha, I know. Big)
– Write a memoir. (Ha, I know. Could be super lame. But my life has been kinda crazy, maybe even worth documenting, and maybe interesting to a few people besides me.)
– Make a children’s book with the fiance. (We do love a collaboration)
– Practice yoga regularly.
– Eat more greens. (I’m a fairly healthy eater, but I do let my eyes get bigger (and richer and fattier) than my stomach from time to time, and memories of my mother telling me to finish my plate makes it difficult not to)
– Get my creations onto a professional website.
– Start our family photo albums. (Aw! It’s been way too long since I’ve actually printed a photo, and there’s no better time to start)
– Uh, finish planning our wedding! (We’re down to seven months to go. Still plenty of time, of course, but I want to keep on top of things)

Now, her method states that I’m supposed to say and believe that I already am everything I want to be. So, “I’m super well-off because I’m a successful creative entrepreneur.” But I can’t help but list out those small/large steps that I think will help get me there. Does that count as NOT believing? It is, after all, anticipation for the future as opposed to appreciation to the Universe for the present.

Returning to Earth,