I May Require a Trip to California

by Love Love Letter

I don’t know how to put this without sounding somehow crass. I’ve been reading blogs for a long time, since probably 2006, quite obsessively. Reading them has served as different things for me at different times. Sometimes it’s been a sad escape, a search for another world that I’m not in. Sometimes it’s inspiration. The line between those two distinctions is all too thin. One can be inspired and inspired endlessly, and never really get to the ‘doing.’ And in that, it can be a detriment. Everyone who inspires you looks like they do what they do too well, you can never be as good, you can’t start until you know just the perfect thing to begin upon.

Lately, I’ve been trying to scale back my reading a bit, but also, with actually writing a blog, I’m trying to participate a bit more – leave comments, make it all feel more real. I’m also trying to actually get to the ‘doing’ and cutting back on the inspiration overload. And if real is what I’m going for, well then by golly I may as well admit that I’m hoping that one day, all of this spills over into analog life.

So, here’s the crass part. So many of the people who I read who I find especially inspiring seem to be in California. I am living in the most amazing metropolis, the wonderful town New York New York, and yet the only real network of folks I can seem to come across here are interested almost exclusively in fashion. Fashion for fashion’s sake. I adore fashion, and if I ever start actually posting pictures here with any regularity, they could very well be of the fashion variety. I love the fashion blogs I read, and I love the NYC blogs I read, but gosh… Everyone in California seems to be:

– picking citrus from their backyard and making amazing recipes with it
– raising chickens
– having babies that toddle around in the sand and sun
– friends with each other
– carefree
– making amazing clothing or art or jewelry and making a living doing it

Is there some pocket of NYC that is doing things more along these lines and maybe spending less time in front of their camera’s timer?
Don’t hate me if that’s you!?