Taste Buds

by Love Love Letter

Anyone who’s been reading along these past weeks, months, as I’ve been flailing and sobbing to myself about catering troubles knows that I will feel an unnatural giddiness as I announce that we have found our caterer.

Our second tasting last week was out of this world. The food was amazing, the ladies were amazing, and the presentation was truly so nice. We sat down to the printed proposal and a menu for the evening tucked sweetly into the place setting, all personalized for us. The managers sat with us the whole time and chit chatted, and helped us think through some of our scheduling troubles for the wedding. By the end, they had pages of notes regarding our aesthetic, ideas for the flow of the reception, it felt so organized and helpful. Even though we hadn’t booked them yet!

To top it all off, they sent us home with two tiny canning jars filled with extras of the dessert – lemon trifle with lavender poached blueberries – so we could keep enjoying it later, wrapped up in the cutest little Japanese tote. They also took photos of everything we ate and emailed them to us later. So thoughtful and helpful.

The fact that they had the most adorable tiny Boston Terrier was beside the point, but still worked to charm me for sure.

As one says, Bon Appetite!