A Taste Is Worth a Thousand Words

by Love Love Letter

Our first tasting with a caterer was last week and it was pretty incredible.

I cannot tell you how incredibly awkward I felt as we first arrived. We entered their space, not sure if we were in their home or their kitcheny office. We wanted wine, but didn’t know if we were supposed to provide our own, so we brought a bottle but didn’t end up needing it. It was raining and cold outside. We’d just bickered about where the entrance was. It was warm inside. There was a large dog and the owner and the sou chef and a server all of whom we awkwardly shook hands with. We didn’t know if we’d have to pay. We felt guilty for eating their food and drinking their wine if we didn’t pay. We didn’t want to pay. We wanted to eat. We wanted to figure out our freaking wedding catering plan.

via The Wheeling Gourmet

I avoided eye contact at first and felt like a five year old. Soon enough I realized that this is just a part of the business and it’s better to be normal and friendly than freakish, as in most situations, so I warmed up and looked people in the eye and smiled. Soon enough, a few glasses of red wine had turned into a few more, and we had a steady stream of hors d’oeuvres making their way out to us. They gave us plates but we barely needed them – everything pretty much went from serving tray to mouth. We felt well taken care of. We felt gluttonous.

Our verdict? We’d happily go with this option, but we’re not, honestly, completely convinced. Most of the food was great, but I’m a somedays vegetarian as is a vast majority of my family, and neither of us loved any of the vegetarian options! There were a few things that made us giggle like school girls and rank them as the new front runner, but without vegetables aplenty it just won’t work.

To that end, we have another tasting tonight. I have high hopes about this one. If we don’t like it… I hope I don’t melt into a puddle of tears on the floor. Five year old style. Will report back.