Drawing Conclusions

by Love Love Letter

Some skills are acquired through years of practice. Others are innate, you’re born with them and when allowed to shine, it’s clear that you’re a natural. I’m not sure which I am when it comes to art – I’ve always loved making things, but that said, I’ve been doing it since I was tiny. My maternal grandmother, when she was alive, was a painter her whole life. My times spent with her were very often in her studio, at her side, with my own palette set up lovingly by her, a few colors at my disposal and a pad of paper. She would do her very important work, painting landscapes across large canvases, while I scribbled away on my very important work.

When I was in college, studying art, I never liked drawing. I always thought I was no good at it – I had a grasp on color and composition, but I couldn’t create realistic images that I was satisfied with. My instructors had me make long, sweeping strokes with charcoal and paints, gestural drawings that captured the essence of a model or a plate of fruit. Everyone’s work looked fairly the same. Decent, not great. Student work. Some were better than others. I endured it and couldn’t wait to get back to classes that allowed me to use media that inspired me and that I felt confident with.

All of a sudden, upon finishing and leaving school, I discovered I DO actually draw well enough, I just don’t ‘do’ the whole gestural approach. I take a thin, heavy mechanical pencil, and draw small detailed works, rarely erasing, filling up the page bit by bit, reveling in the meditative act of finishing up the final touches.

I spent a few hours earlier this week drawing these bags for a job application – I threw caution to the wind and applied for a job that requires specific skills acquired through practice and tuition paid, in accessories design. I do honestly think I could do it, and my fiance really really thinks I could do it – he’s my ultimate cheerleader – but honest truth is, they would have to train me. Still, when they asked for sketches of handbags after seeing my resume, I had to try, so I pulled these and a few others together. They didn’t like them enough, or they’re not done the professional way. It’s a terrible scan job, I should have known better… My A says he wants one framed, though. So I pleased somebody!