Turning That Frown Upside Down

by Love Love Letter

I’ve been a little melancholy lately, and melancholy does not lead to good blog posts. Things have been tough in the Love Love Letter household. It’s been feeling like things are just kicking our collective butt every time they get a chance, and we can’t catch a break. And through the butt-kicking, it’s hard not to bicker. A lot. And through the butt-kicking, it’s also hard to keep up with the little things that would make life sweeter if only I could. The fridge is empty, the laundry needs doing, drawers need to be purged and organized, trips need to be planned, doctors appointments need to be made. The bigger things, though, are sapping energy needed to do these smaller things. The subletters in our old apartment are some of the worst characters I’ve ever come across who are refusing to pay rent; I’m applying to one after another job, and waiting with baited breath to hear something back is exhausting…. I could go on, but it feels petty to whine about these things. In the end, none of this will matter much. So I’m just trying to get through each day being happy until the job situation smooths out (it also, of course, involves our business that is currently going through major growing pains), and the horrendous tenants move out on October 31st. Next month is their last month, and we already have rent for then, so we’re left with little we can do but wait it out. With the hope to focus on the good, here are some things I’m excited about:

– Traveling! We’re off to California for over two weeks next month, during which time we’ll be going to two weddings, and staying put for some quality time with my aunt, uncle and cousin by their pool in the Hollywood Hills. One of the weddings is in Malibu, and the other is in Palm Springs, and I just cannot wait to say, for the first time in our relationship, that the boy and I are on vacation. Officially.

– Making things! I have actually gone to a supply store and purchased everything that I need to get started making wax carvings for jewelry. This is something I’ve wanted to do for literally years and years. Why I have yet to try is beyond me. Although, here’s a good excuse: The second I left the shop, it dawned on me that I’ll need a benchpin, which requires a table to clamp it to… even if I were to decide to go ahead and make a mess in my apartment, we are severely lacking in surfaces at the moment, and certainly in surfaces that can be lost to this or (gasp) ruined.

– Healthy eating! A’s new diet is forcing him to eat all of the things I would want to make and eat anyway. Beans and veggies simply done play staring roles. I think he’s actually learning to like it.

– Registering for some fabulous pieces! I started a tentative registry a while ago. It was very practical. Practical is great, and I want it to stay that way… but… we have a good amount of the basic everyday things we need already. Rather than replacing them, I’d like to go ahead and get an awesome set of fine china, some things I’ll want to treasure forever. And then suggest a charity for donations as well. Balance. With that in mind, I went to wander the floors of Bloomingdales the other day, and it was lovely to pretend and daydream.

I’ll take any suggestions you might have for cheering up. Girl could use it.