The Catering Saga Comes to a Close… Almost.

by Love Love Letter

I’ve been busy. And the fiance has been around a lot. We had the holiday weekend, and he and I have the unique ability to spend ALL of our time together when we’re not forced apart by things. Like, one of us has to go to the pharmacy for something so we go together. Attached at the hip. Some might say codependent. But we also have the ability to get through two or three weeks apart when traveling for work without trouble, so I’m not worried.

We’re going for a tasting with a caterer tonight. It’s been raining absolutely nonstop for a full day and it’s not supposed to let up for the next week or so, which always makes me want to huddle up in bed and shirk responsibility, but this is a fun responsibility at least. My A did choose this week to start on a diet, an attempt to make sure he fits into the tuxedo he bought the day before we met two years ago. The tasting is sure to break every rule in his book, which I feel terrible about, because he’s showing such dedication. He’s eating beans and eggs whites and vegetables for breakfast; it’s unheard of! But, it’s a breaking of rules that must happen.

It’s down to the cheapest option with eight hors d’oeuvres, or the full meal with the ladies who make me smile. They continue to be so amazingly on top of things – calling me or emailing again to get answers from me when I delay. They are blowing me away with their responsiveness.

We’ve happily resigned ourselves to spending some dough. We can make the money work, and it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to truly host all of our loved ones.

There’ll be this tasting tonight, and one more next week, and then we choose! There’s little more I love than checking something off a list.

All my love,