It’s Oh So Quiet

by Love Love Letter

Ah, where did the time go? I have no excuse – we had Hurricane Irene blow through this weekend, leaving us to sit around the apartment for two days straight with nothing to do but eat an inordinate amount of junk food and drink one whiskey soda after another. I could have written, I should have written… But sometimes chips and dip is just more important.

I’m coming at you tomorrow with a post about a trip my lovely friend M and I took to the far reaches of New Jersey in search of plates. Yes, plates. For the wedding. It masqueraded as a fun day trip for two ladies who like digging for treasure, and that it was. But it turns out, when you go to what is lauded as the “Antiques Capital of New Jersey,” everything is appropriately inflated in price and picked over by older gay gentlemen in suits who know what they’re looking for.

Turns out, I need to get to a massive Salvation Army or something in the suburbs instead if I’m going to find what I’m looking for.

Au demain,