Dancing Royalty

by Love Love Letter

Reporting to you with wedding related mumbo jumbo:

We’re at a bit of a standstill. There are two big things that my much-hated-by-some-and-yet-actually- really-helpful-if-you-have-a-strong-will-and-know-what-to-ignore-as-WIC-evils Kn*t checklist tells me I’m behind on. Caterer and entertainment.

I’ve been waiting for my love A to get here so I can throw all of our DJ options at him to see which he likes. He’s very excitable and romantic and over the top sometimes, which is a big part of why I love him so. As such: He’s talked about a marching band to lead us down the street from the ceremony… to the Catholic Gap (sounds dirty, no?) waiting point… to the reception. He’s talked about a live band that will have everyone on their feet all night. He’s also talked about being excited to put together an iPod playlist of his own (that will be the best ever) and call it a night. All over the place.

Feeling the beat from the tambourine, oh yeah. From Pacing the Panic Room.

We do know a band that is pretty amazing and just our style and would be excellent for part of the night. I must say though, I think it’s really hard for a band to consistently and without doubt get people to dance. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it just stinks. This particular band does some lovely New Orleans jazz, but how is A’s mom going to do the Electric Slide to that? And how is my mom going to get her fix of the hora? Do you think they do a jazzy rendition of Hava Nagila?

I’ve seen more than one successful iPod wedding, but I don’t want us to have to do an ounce of work on our wedding day. And I just know we’d end up running over to the AV tech guy at the venue asking him to switch songs if we go that route. Yes, AV tech guy. We have to hire him, in order to use their sound system (It’s not cheap either, she whispers).

Which way do you guys lean? Band? DJ? iPod?

Sooner than later,