The Plan

by Love Love Letter

The plan is for him to come back to our home base, for the two of us to enjoy some down time. To hole up, forget the world. Recalibrate.

We need it so badly, after nearly two years of busting our backsides working on our business followed by one week of disassembling all of it. We used to think we felt drained because it was a lot of work. Now we feel drained because if we actually ‘felt’ everything that we’re entitled to feel, it would be just too much. We are numb, we are bummed, we know that we have to think up a new way for life to be. But before we do that, we’re going to indulge ourselves. We’re going to clean up and dress real snazzy; take a mini vacation or two, and then take a real vacation.

Somehow, the same freedom you feel when you jump ship from the 9-5 (You’re sticking it to the man! Your time is your own!) accompanies this jumping ship as well, which, we’re not sure yet, could mean a return to the 9-5. Of course these big decisions come with some of the above mentioned recalibration. Joanna just linked to an article her husband wrote about just this phenomenon, and I can’t tell you how reassuring it was to hear that others find working for yourself all-consuming, too. And I love that about working for yourself, but I can’t help but get excited about some things I would like to line up for myself with maybe just a bit of new energy, or time on my hands:

– Jewelry classes! I’ve taken some silversmithing classes before, but I want to learn lost wax techniques. Oh yes.

– Exercise! I’ve tried to get into running, and it never lasts long. I would like to consider not forcing that on myself and instead find a yoga or pilates studio that I love. Or all the cool girls are talking about Zumba, which I always thought was a robotic vacuum cleaner, not a Latin dance-inspired aerobics class.

– Puppies! I went into a Pet Smart today because the urge has been getting stronger, and then I followed that by spending two hours on the PetFinder adoption website. This cutie is in NYC, click the picture above to find out more. If I don’t adopt him, I hope you will!

– Art studio space! I also went and met with someone who’s renting out a small room within their studio. It was clean and secure and professional seeming. It would make me feel like a real artist, provided I actually went and used it. This is what I studied in college. Then I promptly went and sat in a cubicle.

– Writing! That’s what I’m doing here, but I’m also pretending I’m writing a novel. There are a lot of really helpful websites out there: “So, You’re Writing Your First Novel” and “Novel-Writing for Dummies” and whatnot. I scoffed at them until I decided I wanted to go for it, and now all of a sudden they are really helpful. I’ve always just jumped in headfirst, no ideas for the big picture, just a snazzy way to describe Our Hero’s drive through a mountain pass, and somehow I never understood why it didn’t get past paragraph number two.

– Cooking! All I ate today was a big pot of rice and beans I made… but I swear I’m about to step it up.

So, dear readers, watch this space. Self-improvement life-improvement nonsense to come on all of these fronts shortly.