What a Partner is For

by Love Love Letter

I started this thinking I would be writing about the wedding planning process exclusively. And it’s fun for that, it’s a great outlet. I have plenty of girlfriends who will sit and listen to me go on about it for hours – I’m lucky. I’m especially lucky because a handful of them are going through the process themselves, so any conversation about weddings is fueled by not one but two brides. They are long and all-encompassing. I love it. But still, I want to talk about it more and here you are, internet, ready to indulge me.

Well, the past few days have been really crazy in the realm of real life. My fiance and I are business partners, that’s how we met and it’s all we’ve known together. We work together all day and then try to have a normal life during after hours. It all kind of blends together, and it’s been wonderful, really. I totally believe that it’s strengthened our relationship in a way that few other circumstances can. But we recently encountered a major hurdle that made us decide to close the whole thing down. It was, I’ll admit, a touchy moment, something we’re hesitant to publicize. Nothing at all to do with the two of us, but it’s the kind of thing that can be polarizing and gain us enemies for our decision. I can boil it down to this: we encountered a dangerous situation in the small city where our business was located. We had been considering expanding the business there, but suddenly feeling really unsafe, we felt that sticking around and tempting fate would be a mistake. It was all we needed to pack up and close shop, heading for home in NYC.

The craziest part of this is really just the way it will effect our daily lives. It’s sad and we’re feeling sentimental, shutting down the thing that brought us together and that we’ve spent literally every day for the last two years thinking about and slaving over. But we’re also feeling really optimistic about the things it’s brought us, taught us. We’re sure we can leverage it, do something great with it. We’re also sure that this will feel like a new lease on life. All of a sudden, we’ll have time to enjoy things together, instead of always having the nagging responsibilities of a couple of entrepreneurs in the back of our minds. We can take a real vacation together and completely unplug, we can spend money on an extravagant night out or buy something new and lovely instead of scrimping so we can funnel the money toward the business. We can take time for ourselves to exercise or take classes or paint or sit in the park without feeling guilty. We could get a pet without worrying about our crazy travel schedule! And, of course, we can focus on the wedding as an enjoyable hobby rather than feeling that it’s something that has to get done when we have time. Owning your own business, especially brick and mortar, is all consuming. Goodness. We were business partners, then both business partners and life partners… I’m really looking forward to seeing what being purely life partners looks like.