by Love Love Letter

I feel like I’ve spent a decent amount of time venting frustrations here. Frustrations about expectations, frustrations about costs, and about the standards in the wedding industry that bring out all those expectations in the first place. But I’m not a whiner! I’m a positive upbeat kind of girl who believes you get back what you put out there.

So, with the clarity that it’s all gonna be just fine, just great even, here are some things I’m excited about:

– Needing to keep budget in mind is maybe a blessing in disguise. It’s lead us to search for the ones who really get us, and it feels SO good to support up and coming talents in the wedding world.

– With that in mind, I’m excited about our photographer, who is relatively new to wedding photography. I do believe she’s wonderful at what she does, and that she’s about to take off big time. I’ll share more about her once we do our engagement shoot and I have some real experience with her.

– So too is the woman who will be our florist (as soon as I send in the deposit). She really listened to me at our initial meeting, and she’s sent me excited emails with more ideas and inspiration for our set up. I love that enthusiasm! And, she came to us because she is the sister of an artist we’ve worked with for our business. I do adore a connection like that.

– Knowing that the money for the purchase of my dress goes toward supporting children’s charities.

– And of course, I’m marrying my favorite person in the world, the best man I could ever hope to know. A man who makes my heart sing and makes me think life can’t possibly get much better, even on the most mundane of days.

Even if we had all the money in the world to spend on the wedding, I would want to seek out vendors who meshed with our values, and to make sure that I felt I was giving business to people who deserved it. I would want to put trust in someone and their creative vision, once I understood that their aesthetic and ours came from a similar place. And I’m getting to do just that!

Yay love.