Success Leads to Failure

by Love Love Letter

I found my dress! It was a day of being girly and frivolous with my ladies – my mom, sister, and two best buds and I went to Lovely to try on some dresses. It was wonderful, and sort of surprising. The first dress I tried on was a big poufy number that made me feel like I was lost inside of a sleeping bag. I thought it had to look ridiculous, but then I glimpsed myself in the mirror and kind of loved it. I was, as they say, a princess. Continuing to try on one after another, I found that the ones that I thought I would like, I did not always. Despite thinking I wanted laid-back style, it was the more structured dresses that really looked better on me. Serious boning or form fitting, etc, on top, and then a full skirt from either the waist or the thigh suited me so much more than a simple more casual silhouette. Would never have guessed!

I also tried on a dress that I had completely adored, but had first noticed long ago when there was a different guy in the picture. Despite my best efforts, it felt like baggage. Last thing I need.

With knowledge of what I liked and what I didn’t in mind, my lady friends and I headed over to Bridal Garden, a designer sample shop that benefits schools. My sweet friends buckled, zipped and cinched my nearly-nude bod into probably 30 dresses there. It’s self-service, so you get to go a little nuts, and just try anything that looks vaguely interesting in its garment bag. Some were terrible monstrosities. Some were shredded or stained to a point I couldn’t see how it would be worth it to buy. Some were so wrong or impossible to shimmy into – teeny tiny. Two were amazing. Both Vera Wang, 100% silk, great condition, and reduced by like 80%, I was into it. Put them on hold, stressed over it for the next 24 hours, chose one, and I’m done!! Well, it needs some alterations.

And all of a sudden, I can barely bring myself to look at wedding inspiration sites anymore. I mean, in a way, thank goodness. I’m sure I’ll come back to it at some point, but now that a number of the big things have fallen into place, I can let the wedding turn into what IT is becoming as opposed to what I could do or what I should do or what others do. It’s its own entity now, and it’s pointless to imagine it as anything else.

And so, the failure I refer to in the title of this post? Just as I get excited about blogging… I lose steam on the wedding blogs front. I suppose I can keep documenting my own process just as well, no need for constant trolling of inspiration. It is so unexpected, having this be the moment that makes me feel set in the direction of our wedding, but it’s done it for me!

PS: Am I supposed to show pictures of my dress here? I have them, but there is the thought of keeping it secret until the day of. Wanna see pics of the dresses I didn’t go with?