by Love Love Letter

Today I go wedding dress shopping. These are the mood boards I dorkily collected images for and then arranged, printed and added to my dorkier binder. I love supplies for organization and checking off lists waaaaaay too much to pass up this opportunity to keep a binder. I’ll do another post about my dorky binder and how I’m actually already finding it really helpful one day soon.

And so, moodboards:

Number two, a little bit more straight forward. Less mood, more board:

Just pretend that that one dress isn’t purple.

Since I started seriously considering inspiration (I have these for other aspects of the wedding, too – stationery, flowers, food and cake, etc), I have filled many folders on my desktop with these saved images for meetings with vendors in the future. Just yesterday, I discovered Pinterest, and girl! Why didn’t anyone tell me how awesome that is a long time ago!? I’m a convert.