What’s in a Dress? (Well, aside from me…)

by Love Love Letter

This weekend, I’ll be dress shopping for the first time. ‘Gown’ shopping. Fashion is a dear love of mine, but having been an entrepreneur for the past year plus, I’ve had to completely curb my desires to shop. Part of that process involves caring less, and exposing myself to fewer of the things that make me ache for something new hanging in my closet. This all in turn makes me feel out of ‘practice.’ Make sense? I think of myself as fashion forward, as they say, but especially in the heat of the summer, I feel anything but.

They say a good bride comes to her appointment at a bridal salon with inspiration, ideas about what she wants. I definitely have that, but it’s a long, rambling, abstract vision that comes together with the 30 or so dresses I’ve bookmarked as loving. What I do know very clearly, is what I don’t want. I’ll take volume, I don’t mind pouf, but I can’t stand pickups. I’m so picky about bustles and if they look saggy or ill-formed. I’m also very anti super-shiny fabric. And I’ve always imagined staying away from strapless, although I see great potential to go back on my word there. Sometimes, they’re just pretty.

If I could wear any dress in the world and money was no object, I’d be in an Elie Saab Couture gown in a heartbeat.

Then there’s the side of me that says I was supposed to eschew traditional gowns and go find the coolest designer dress I could that just happens to be white and maybe long, or a vintage one and have it reworked. These are still options, I will keep them in mind. But I do have to remember that this is one day in my life to be a bride and it’s ok if I want to keep it traditional and soak in the experience. Especially since our ceremony will be the epitome of tradition. Maybe going traditional on certain aspects will almost *be* our rebellion, our cool contemporary take on things.

I will most certainly report back on this one.