A Little Jelly

by Love Love Letter

Sometimes this kind of image:

from Green Wedding Shoes is all I need to see to make me all green with envy over not having our ceremony in the rolling hills of the countryside. New York City is full of concrete and Central Park is strict. We thought about writing to the city. Surely they could make an exception to their rules for us. No?

If this process thus far has taught me anything, it’s put expectations aside, and simply find joy in every bit of what we’re doing. Because it will be good. It will be so, so good!

Tomorrow, assuming all goes as it should (in a parish house, in Midtown – Jewish me, and Father him), I’ll be able to report about where we will be getting married.

(Question: how does one decide how much to write about one’s personal business in these types of blogs? I want to be real and profound and have some fun with it, but this has potential to get real ‘share-y,’ huh?)